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Dedicated to sharing and expanding the knowledge of knotting.


Site Map




  • This is an experimental Wiki created to establish the value of using a Wiki to resolve some of the issues involved in creating a standardised knot Index and naming system.


  • Today, this FREE Wiki is being promoted by DerekSmith, but if the Wiki is found to be of use to Knotters, it and its content, will be offered to the IGKT for incorporation into their overall internet presence.


  • Think of this Wiki as a scratchpad, or a blackboard. You are free to add or edit anything. Add new pages, add photographs to help explanations and discussions (but please try to keep the file sizes down to conserve our limited disk space), propose challenges - anything. You don't need a special website to post your pictures to, just upload them to the Wiki by clicking the 'Files' link at the top of each page, then pop them into a page simply by clicking the image picture in the RHS panel during editing.


  • The ability to edit content that another member has contributed, brings its own challenge. To prevent anarchy, simply respect the fact that the world is full of folks, each of whom will have a different perspective to your own and each is valid in its own right. So we need to agree to one simple rule - Try not to delete others contributions. If you think something is wrong or misguided, simply add to the content with your perspective and arguement. Try to convince the origional poster of the fault (using the IGKT 'Chit Chat' Forum. If you reach a stalemate, then simply add your own alternative view -- there's lots of room for pages here.


  • Some pages have already been created in order to start the Wiki with some semblance of structure. If you like it - go ahead and use it, add content, add pages, add images, even add additional sections as you feel they are required. If you don't like it, then simply create the pages you think work better, add them into the SideBar page so that others can access them and start building up the content.


  • Want to see what is already here or want to find info on a specific topic? The easiest way is to use the the powerful search facility which effectively makes this Wiki into a Database. Just type something about the knot or topic you want to find into the search box at the top RHS of every page (knot name, OI-number, knotting term, whatever) hit return and the Wiki will generate a list of every page that contains your search item and a snippet of text for context.


  • If you are brand new to the amazing world of the Wiki, then take a quick look at New to Wiki to see how to create and edit pages, link them up and add pictures, or practice in the SandBox to try formatting effects.


  • But most of all -- Enjoy.





The KC Hitch and the KC Sling Hitch


The Knotting Lexicon of Knot Definition terms


The Overs Index as the basis for a Number Index.




Even if you do not feel inclined to add to or change the content of a page, please consider adding your comments about the pages you see here by clicking on the 'Comments' tab at the top of each page.








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